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American Tourister – Putting the fun in brand awareness through TikTok content creators

Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain

In-Feed Ads, Spark Ads, TikTok Ads Manager



American Tourister is one of the largest luggage brands in the world. They take pride in producing stylish, high-quality luggage and providing a broad range of travel products. We had the privilege to partner with them to help them increase brand awareness and drive traffic while building communities.

The solution

The 3 main markets we targeted were France, Italy and Spain. Since their goal was to get more customers as well as build communities, we helped them launch the Big Bang Campaign combined with our proprietary No Time To Waste Model.

We tested a number of different creatives to find the best solution and then based on our learnings, targeted users who expressed interest in the first campaign with an enticing offer.


We were able to select the best creative, but all creatives performed really well and outperformed the benchmarks. Open (broad) Targeting 25+ performed really well, this shows that there is a good amount of interest in the brand amongst all audience types above the age of 25.

The created content performed well within all the interest groups. All the interest groups performed at the same CPC and therefore we kept the targeting broad. We’ve also found that adding the landing page link within the video view campaign isn’t a good solution. This resulted in high CPC and low CTR.

Italy & Spain

We made sure to keep the metrics under control. High CTR comes from the 35 to 54-year-old age range with CTR >1%. This age range has a greater interest in products than other age ranges. This platform prefers TikToks rather than ads. We decided to create entertainment content with comedy while asking for more engagement by using a clear CTA.








The results

This is one of our biggest and most successful campaigns to this day.


American Tourister gained over 6,8 million views at €1.14 CPM across all campaigns, with €8,332 in total spending.

Video views campaigns generated 23k+ paid likes, 387+ paid followers, and over 1000 clicks. Traffic campaigns saw a stellar 1.17% CTR at €0.10 CPC, and over 45K+ clicks.


American Tourister gained 5.2M video views at €0.96 CPM on average. Video views campaigns generated 2.5M views at €0.81 CPM.

Traffic campaigns generated over 30K+ clicks at €1.09 CPM, €0.11 CPC, and 0.95% CTR. The brand gained 6,117 followers and 50,500 likes throughout the campaign.


By only spending a total of €6,2K, American Tourister gained 6.3M video views at €0.83 CPM on average. Video views campaigns generated 2.8M views at €0.72 CPM.

Traffic campaigns generated over 31K+ clicks at €0.92 CPM, €0.11 CPC, and 0.83% CTR. The brand gained 5,209 followers and 47,425 likes throughout the campaign.

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