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Guhl- Delivering personalized experiences through different targeting options


In-Feed Ads, Spark Ads, TikTok Ads Manager



Guhl is a haircare brand that takes care of your hair from the roots to the ends. They recognized early on that different hair types need different care. In this way, Guhl’s range of hair care products meets the needs of different people. Guhl takes this philosophy very seriously and makes products that are true to your type and give you beautiful and glowing hair and make you feel wonderful. Guhl partnered with Aidem to boost their brand awareness while driving more traffic, with the help of our Big Bang Campaign.

The solution

At first, all creatives generated equal results so it’s hard to tell which creative outperformed the others. After more testing, we’ve discovered that humour, relevancy & value-based content works great to gain followers and views (duration).

Our awareness concepts outperform benchmarks in terms of video views & community interaction metrics. The created content and amount of creatives gave us the opportunity to prevent ad fatigue (estimated frequency 1.32) which allowed us to reach a lot of people more often.

We were also able to capture the right audience and based on continuous learning from data, we were able to improve our targeting even further and also created LALs who have the same interest level. We’ve reached different audiences with totally different interests, yet all audiences intend to have an interest in Guhl.

We implemented some of TikTok’s unique features such as Collection Ads, Interactive Ads, and Instant Pages. Customers were able to browse Guhl’s products without having to leave the TikTok app.




New followers



The results

The campaign proved to be a great success.

We were able to gain up to 1.7 million video views and more than 3000 paid followers (at €0.22 per follower)

They achieved a 1% click-through rate and a €0.15 cost-per-click.

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