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John Frieda- Lift brand recognition among young female digital natives in the Netherlands

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John Frieda offers haircare products that target and transform specific style problems. For visible and tangible salon-quality results. Their products are inspired by an understanding of what distinguishes each individual hair type. To assist you in finding the perfect product for your style.

The brand decided to partner with Aidem and use TikTok as a way to further boost website traffic for their Go Blonder Campaign.

The solution

For this campaign, we implemented our proprietary No Time To Waste Model. First of all, we came up with unique strategies tailored to JF and their specific goals. Because just like JF, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

After that, we leverage the support of our “Creator Network.” Our team of professional creators made content for JF and helped them promote their brand, which allowed them to reach even more audiences and boost traffic to their sites.

Last, we speed up the process using our data-driven approach.

By combining hyper-testing and adaptive learning, together with our team of media buyers we were able to get JF and their products right in front of potential customers and fans.






The results

This campaign was a massive success.

By only spending less than €350 on video views campaigns, JF was able to gain up to 330,126 impressions and 310,938 paid video views, at €1.04 CPM.

Regarding traffic campaigns, JF gained a staggering 3,942,964 video views at €1.40 CPM.

Click-through-rate was 1.11% at €0.13 CPC.

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