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Smyle – Helping sustainable toothpaste brand convert new audiences


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Smyle is an innovative, sustainable manufacturer of toothpaste tablets, who are on a mission to prevent toothpaste tubes ending up in our oceans and landfill. They plan to make plastic-free brushing the new normal.

Smyle partnered with AIDEM to reach new audiences and drive conversions of their toothpaste tablets.

The solution

Placing a strong focus on the creatives, we used our Content Flywheel to implement a data driven strategy based on creatives.

We created more than 50+ TikTok deliverables to test are much variations as possible in headlines, visual triggers and call to actions. All the creatives where created with TikTok Creators from our database to produce authentic, TikTok style content.

Within ads manager we used In-Feed Ads for conversion objectives along with automated creative optimizations allowed us to deliver more budget to the best performing creatives, ensuring cost efficiencies for the campaign.


Video views


Conversion Rate


Add To Cart Rate

The results

Our Content Flywheel strategy proved to be shining success for Smyle, reaching an audience of 800K and gaining 2.2m video views.

They achieved a stellar click-through rate of 1.1% and a cost-per-click of €0.16.

The Add to Cart rate was an outstanding 30%, showing that the In-Feed Ads reached the right audience, who were clearly captivated by the content.

These results show how great content and mass digital engagement on TikTok can translate into excellent ROI and tangible results.

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