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Why TikTok Is The Best Marketing Channel In 2024 

Due to constant declining organic growth on other social media platforms it’s nearly impossible for your business to generate awareness or build a following.

Advertising costs are skyrocketing to a point where it becomes hard to be profitable (without even mentioning tracking issues), and the platforms are failing to make the new generation consistently use and visit their platform, making it harder for you to build something for the future. TikTok solves all of these problems.

TikTok is..

A space for joy
TikTok is the only app that users named “to lift my spirits” as a top reason for using it.

Designed for discovery
TikToks generate billions of views every day, and 46% of TikTokers say they use it to discover new things

A source of inspiration
TikTokers get ideas for new things to buy with every swipe, and 57% of respondents have been led to make a purchase through the app.

Part of the conversation
What happens on TikTok doesn’t stay on TikTok – it 
seeps into our culture without us even noticing.

Did you know?


83% of the users mentioned that TikTok have led them to make a purchase!.


TikTok shows an average of 15% higher engagement than all of the other social channel


83% of the users mentioned that TikTok have led them to make a purchase!

Is TikTok Right For Me?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small brand that’s trying out marketing for the first time. Or a big brand that’s looking to expand into a new channel and acquire new customers.

TikTok has something to offer for brands of every size.

For brands who are new on the platform and would like to get more insights on how TikTok could help them, we will create and launch a 3-week campaign for them.

During this period, we will do hyper-testing and create a proof of concept on community building as well as conversion rates.

If you’re looking to expand into the world of TikTok marketing, there’s virtually no better time than now to get started!

Full funnel

You can build your entire strategy because TikTok supports every marketing need.

01. Pre-Purchase

67% of TikToker’s believe that the platform helps them get ideas about brand/products they’d never thought of before.

02. Browsing

71% agree that TikTok inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

03. Evaluation

56% of TikToker’s agreed that the platform has helped them decide what to buy.

04. Publicité

83% say that TikTok played a role in their purchase decisions.

05. Post-purchase

46% of users who bought something on TikTok said they were inspired by TikTok product demonstration videos

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